Old Town Pasadena | Dog Haus Biergarten Best Choice for Fancy Dogs!

Dog Haus Biergarten

One of my favorite and most exciting places to eat when I do visit Old Town Pasadena is Dog Haus Biergarten, which is located on Green St, in old Town. What makes this places special among a number of things is that the hot dogs are skinless! Have you ever bitten into a hot dog that has a thick skin around it which is difficult to chew and even harder to digest? Dog Haus Biergarten does things differently. They are far more creative with the beef dogs than any other place in Los Angeles. My personal favorite from the beef dogs is Downtown Dog because you get all of downtown Los Angeles best without the smelly streets and dust in your food.

What I would love to Try

The Hangover Burger has been on my mind for a while now and last time that I decided to spend dinner in Pasadena, I saw it on the menu but hesitated due to a very difficult stomach condition I have. That does not stop me from venturing off to new places and trying new foods but oh boy punishment is difficult. Anyways anyone try the Hangover Burger, love to find out more and hopefully I too can drop by and enjoy it.

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