3 TIPS that will better prepare you for your next BUSINESS TRIP

3 TIPS that will better prepare you for your next BUSINESS TRIP
- Amateur vs Business Professional -

Whether you're traveling through one of the worlds busiest Airports, or just going to a local event; Los Angeles is a difficult place to conduct business. Preparing for a business trip can be exciting and challenging. Imagine yourself in front of hundreds and thousands of people discussing the economy or company growth. You have plenty of things to consider and being prepared can make or break your special day. Here are a few tips that will help you get through your next business trip and tackle any challenges that might come up. 

Tip #1 

Bring an Extra Shirt

If you have an hour long meeting with an adversary or just a night out entertaining foreign guests, things can get messy. Most business meetings in Los Angeles are conducted between and during dinner and drinks and no one knows how messy things can get better than me. I love food and often "Pig Out" in the most professional way possible. When eating, spilling food on my lap, or shirt is very common. Imagine discussing business with a few drinks in your system and my bad habits? Its a disaster waiting to happen. That is why I recommend most business professionals to carry an extra shirt just in case things get dirty. Even if you are not like me, an extra shirt can be helpful in times when you perspire during a spicy meal or dancing at a local bar/club. 

Tip #2

Sleep Well 

Sleeping is one of the most undermined ideas that business professional tend to forget about. Its not that people do not have time to sleep, they are just as occupied with doing the next task at hand, that they skip one of the most important tasks of them all, sleep. I consider sleep to be similar to recharging a dead cell phone battery and here is why. If your cell phone battery is dead, no decisions are being made in regards to how the system is working because its not powered on. The only difference between humans and cell phones within my example is that humans have a backup battery that runs when really the system needs to turn off. Sleep is like plugging your phone into the outlet and letting things be. Once fully charged, most phones perform flawlessly and the same applies to humans. 

Tip #3 

Avoid Driving through Los Angeles | Reserve an Executive Car Service

The commute in Los Angeles is like no other. The traffic alone can drive anyone crazy. Knowing the ins and outs of the city and its shortcuts can get you there on time versus being late to your own meeting. I won't even get started on the rather colorful drivers that make up LA's traffic scene. No one wants to become aggravated and lose their train of thought on their way to an important meeting. Reserving an executive car service, sets you apart from the amateurs. You have one less thing to worry about and allow yourself more time to focus on whats most important, your business. 

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