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My wife and I recently gotten married and before we even got married we realized quickly how the wedding industry is set to take poise of the situation and vendors to quickly overprice everyday things with an exception of a few vendors.

Our families are traditional and a banquet hall celebration after the church is a mandate by my family. Most venues do not provide chairs, tables and the extras we needed to make the wedding look and feel grand. Also, our budget was hampered by severe overcharging we noticed from photographers, videographers and cake designers.

The banquet hall was in Santa Monica and they did provide the chairs and tables (even though some venues did not) but the designs of the chairs and tables were very outdated. I would say early 90’s at the very best. We got lucky that my Father-In-Law stepped in and decided to help pay for some of the costs after seeing the venue and disliking the designs.

International Rentals Northridge - Wedding Chairs and Tables

We used International Rentals in Northridge after my wife went searching the web and her contact list from her girlfriends. Anne was amazing. Helped us select the acrylic chairs and glass tables that made my wife smile. Exceptionally one of the most exciting parts of the wedding for me was working with International Rentals. The pricing was fair, but not cheap. We didn’t want the cheap chairs, and Anne made it clear that everything would be perfect just in time for the wedding and it was.

Weddings come and go and more people are turning to rentals to save a few bucks and get the latest selections out there. International Rentals in Northridge helped save us a fortune and delivered on everything we agreed upon and more! Appreciate your services, and Thank you!

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