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Northridge Things To Do

Northridge is located in San Fernando Valley is common for many working families, and recently booming Airbnb sites. It’s considered suburbs of Los Angeles and things to do often become a thing to consider for locals and tourists traveling in the area.

My first question to you is what are your hobbies? Are you an active person that likes to swim, hike, and see nature? Do you enjoy the occasional museum or local tourist locations? Do you enjoy food and love to eat interest and unique cultural foods? With each question answered, you can find unique places in Los Angeles, Northridge and nearby.

Things to Do

In Northridge, CA not much really happens. Northridge is known for the major earthquake, and Cal State Northridge, which should tell you much about it.

If you are interested in seeing the beach, Northridge, CA to Santa Monica Pier is about 22 miles. For tourists that might sound like a close distance, however it’s on average 45 minute drive due to the traffic. Once you are at the pier you have many options for restaurants, sightseeing and exploring what makes LA so diverse and great.  

If you are interested in Hiking, Lots of good trails to consider at Aliso Canyon Park. Lots of rugged areas to explore and can be challenging if you are inexperienced. Fun place to soak up to the sun and get fit.

Next suggestion tends to be closer, and its exciting and challenging to say the least. Have you ever tried an escape room? If you enjoy trivia’s and solving puzzles, we recommend Amazing Escape Room.

My personal favorite thing to do is visit museum, and The J. Paul Getty Museum. It’s exciting to see the beautiful artworks and enjoy a small meal at their cafĂ©. The architecture, native plants, and well-designed landscape attract guests from all over the work and see it in Los Angeles.

Driving can be a problem

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