Simi Valley to LAX Airport | Why Lyft & Uber is More Expensive

Traveling From Simi Valley 

If you happen to reserve a Airbnb or just visiting Simi Valley, only reliable source of transportation is Uber or Lyft. Some people think its only these two options and we like to consider ourselves as the 3rd responsible source for luxury ride service for Simi Valley guests and local residence.

Premium is always better! Choose Premium! Choose Famous Limo Service

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Planning LAX Airport Flight?

Famous Limousine Service provides luxury rides services at affordable economic prices. Most luxury ride service charge on average of $155- $200 for SUV class Black car service. We on the other hand provide the same SUV class service for $125.00.

That is a huge savings to consider. $125 vs $175 on average for rides with 2014+ Chevy Suburban or other similar vehicles to LAX Airport from Simi Valley.

Example: No pencil buying here!
To simplify things, if you were in the market for a pencil and it costs $10.00 (expensive pencil) at a local office supply store. You then did a google search and found that same pencil at another supply store for $6.00. Would you spend $4.00 more? Ask yourself that question and schedule a ride today with Famous Limo Service.

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