Local Limousine Service in La Crescenta, CA

When you are looking for a local limousine service provider in La Crescenta, CA, its important to consider Famous Limo Service as they are recommended 5x more often on yelp than any other limousine service in Los Angeles, Ca. Thats a big deal and its not just for nothing too.

Top 3 Reason Famous Limo Service is better than the competition

1. Famous Limo Service is a local limousine service provider that gives back to the community. Our service is one of the most affordable luxury car services and limo services in La Crescenta, CA. When you compare prices, Famous Limo Service has something at almost every price point.

Prius - $55
SUV Chevy Suburban - $85
Limousine Service - $100 - $150
Party Pus  - Call for Details

2. Customer Service is a big deal for Famous Limo Service. You know this by visiting yelp and checking out their page. When 23/24 people love them, whats stopping you from booking your service today?

3. Extra Perks for loyal customers. Famous Limo Service always surprises guests that often use their services with a special company gift, promotions, and more. Remember, If you book early and want a extra boost, ask about our Starbucks Coffee service that is free for loyal customers.

Check Out www.famouslimoservice.com 818-925-6851


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