Travel to Las Vegas from Los Angeles

Traveling to Las Vegas From Los Angeles

Whether its your 1st time traveling to Las Vegas or been their multiple times, Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places to be at where time is infinite and people never sleep. It does not matter what you might be interested in, Las Vegas has something for everyone and those that want to let loose and party, its one of the most exciting places to be.

Some Things To Do

Whether you gambled before or its your first time, Las Vegas has one of the best places to start gambling with the game of your choice. 96% of all games are in Las Vegas at different resorts and casinos. My favorite game to play when i land in Las Vegas is blackjack and most of my weekend gets compensated as i play big hands.

Love Shows? No one has more magic shows, entertainment and adult shows in the world compared to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is where shows begin and if your great you have a nice audience in the city of lights. Lots of theatric events and shows available for purchase. What we noticed is that each hotel has its own show they promoting and whether your staying their or not you can attend as well.

Best Shooting Ranges
If you are interested in shooting semi automatic weapons, Nevada is one of the best places to do so. In addition to a number of other weapons, Nevada's gun regulation is slightly less strict as California, and there are numerous locations with great deals on shooting. Great place to go for a bachelor party, or just a getaway with the guys.

Affordable Ride To Las Vegas
Imagine you book a plane ride to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. On average costs range from $350.00 to $450.00 Round trip. Imagine a group of friends can easily spend $1200 plus for just a ride to Las Vegas. Why not hire your professional driver and take two more people for free! 6 friends can ride safely in our comfortable and luxurious Chevy Suburbans.

Los Angeles - Las Vegas | Round Trip $1,050  Call for Availability 


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