5 Ways to Travel Affordably in Los Angeles

Whether your interested in traveling to Los Angeles regularly for business or just to see what its like in one of the most popular destinations in United States, Traveling can be expensive. Thats why Famous Limo Service recommends helpful tips on traveling affordably in Los Angeles. Check us out at www.famouslimoservice.com when you need a ride!

Booking your trip with Airbnb

I have not personally travelled with Airbnb as my work keeps me attached to Los Angeles for the time being, however, what i do hear from local friends and family that do trAirbnb is a system designed for people to rent out a spare room to anyone that needs a place to stay. Its often like a nook style room and sharing it with a roommate(s). I think the concept is great for those with low budgets. Its not very luxurious but when traveling for almost 50% off traditional hotels, you must know you getting a value.
avel often, they love to use Airbnb.

Flying Specifically and Using Deals

When people are traveling to Los Angeles, its recommended by most deal sites to search for deals early in the morning verses anything else. Its over recommened to travel on Wednesday as more deals are available and rates are far cheaper. Its just a rule but we recommend any day other than Monday and Friday as rates are hiked up because businesses are often traveling at those days and costs are higher. I have save approximately 20% - 30% when I choose to travel mid week compared to a Friday.

Avoid Paying Uber Prices with Famous Limo Service .

If you have travelled to Los Angeles, its often not recommened to rent-a-car and its not recommended because traffic, road rage and confusing fwy is far to much for anyone outside of Los Angeles. Most often people use Uber or Lyft which is a good way to travel. They uphold the convience and takes no planning as its  simple as pressing a button on your phone. What we do recommend for those traveling and want to save a few bucks and get a luxury experience is choosing Famous Limo Service. Our services include rides to and from LAX airport, Seeing popular tourist destinations like Hollywood Sign, Hollywood bowl, Concerts, Wine Tasting to Santa Barbara and more. Often times we are cheaper then Uber and provide more of a personalized support for travellers that cant be found elsewhere. Our drivers are courtesy, professional and kind to families and businessmen that often travel to LA.

Using Yelp to Navigate Affordable and Hidden Gems 

Yelp is my all time favorite app to use as its easy to locate the best of Los Angeles. I often times recommend yelp as its based on what people liked and what they did not. Yelp can be used to locate affordable places to eat, find things to do, and check out local beaches that are often recommended but not known to travellers.

Travel With a Friend

If you travel often you know it might become a drag for parts of your travel if you choose to travel alone. If you on the airplane, its nice to have a companion. Its nice to dine with friends and sight see with your friends. Its also a great way to reduce your costs for Airbnb, dining, sharing rides, and more. We also recommend couples to travel together, friends to travel together and even larger familes to take trips together. Its cost affordable and everyone chips in to get to a desired goal. We recommend traveling together for friends and family.


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