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History of Glendale

To understand where glendale is going and how it became one of the most popular destinations after 2005, you must understand the history behind it and what it means to the west cost. In 1906, glendale was incorporated, and annexed Tropico 12 years later. The history of Glendale seems a little grim to say the very least. The Neo-Nazi Party decided to make Glendale their west coast head quarters in the early 1960s and eventually got kicked to the curb after the city slowly modernized. Starting in the 1950s till early 2000, the city occupied by neo nazi in the early stages, then Puerto Ricans, and then Armenians in the 1980s till 2000. Now it seems as if the Asian population is growing and becoming a center of entertainment and opportunity growth. 

Shows and Attractions

One of the most exciting parts of Glendale is its strong history and commitment to modernization and growth. For Shows and attractions for tourist, we recommend Brand Blvd as it is the main attraction of Glendale. Dine in resturants and Show are available at resturants like Carousel Restaurant which is middle eastern resturant with live show and music. Another great part  
Glendale is the Alex Theater. Its an exciting part of glendale and it is one of the oldest standing structures. It
is a great place to watch comedy, see local performance, Armenian Theater, concerts and more. Glendale, CA 
is also known for one of the best dine in movie theaters on Maryland in glendale. Its a newly renovated, 
flashy theater that offers 4 star resturant. Its exciting and a luxury experience to have. Great place for
drinks as well. 

The Americana

The Americana in Glendale, which was built by caruso organization is the The Grove equavalent in Glendale. Its a magical place with water show, food, and attraction. Friday and Saturday is hosted events by the Americana staff, however, the water show plays multiple times throughout the day. Shopping is catered to tourists with luggage, Nordstorm, Calvin Klein,. Barns and Nobles and more. For food, we recommend Cheesecake Factory, and Frida for drinks. They both are friendly and provide good service. Be aware, Cheesecake Factory has always a line out the door so go early!

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