Universal Studios in Hollywood A Must See


Whether your traveling to Los Angeles for business or to spend time with the family, one of my favorite places to visit is Universal Studios in Hollywood. When Carl Laemmle imagined his world of entertainment, he believed that Southern California could become United States #1 destination for entertainment and movies. Founded in 1912, hes ideas still live within the parks history and culture today. 

About City Walk And Universal Studios

Universal Studios and City Walk are two different area located at the Universal Studios theme park destination. 

City Walk is an area designed by Universal Studios to entertain visitors that are interested in browsing around and shopping or eating at one of the famous resturants. Its a pleasant place to dine, walk around, see shows, watch an IMAX movie at the AMC or shop at the local universal store. However, its not the theme park itself and its generally free to consumers. Parking is costly, thats why we often get inquires to and from Universal Studios City Walk. 

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Universal Studios Theme Park is one of the most exciting theme parks in Southern California. It is the home of thousands of movies made and will continue to be a big part of Hollywood and movies. The theme park is designed to be educational and entertaining for its guests. I had one of my best childhood experiences going on the Jurassic Park Ride. Its really a wonderful place for kids and adults can really experience hollywoods movies and attractions. Lots of shows for kids, and entertaining enough for Adults as well. 

New Attractions at Universal Studios

I have not been to Universal Studios for a few years now but we had a client use our services and on the way back to her hotel, she shared a few of the new experiences. 

The new Fast and Furious Ride was an experience all on its own. What i have read about this ride is how exhilirating it is. It feels like you are in control and your really there. 

Her and her kids absolute favorite was the oh so popular Minion Mayhem 3D ride. The laughs the excitment and how well they made it was what really got her attention. The kids loved the mischieve that the minions do throughout the ride and overall family experience. 

Transformers The Ride 3D was one of the 1st 3D experiences for universal studios. The ride itself is exciting and puts you in the front seat of show. It almost feels like your there. A remarkable job done by Universal Studios to promote the franchise and keep the Transformers going. 

Whether your visiting Los Angeles, or want to do something special for the kids, we recommend Universal Studios as one of the best spots for family fun in Hollywood, Los Angeles County. But challenges can occur for ride to and from this beautiful theme park. Famous Limo Service, offers a hassle-free and affordable service to and from Universal Studios. We can get you and avoid the costly parking fees associated with the theme park. For tourists, we know our way around LA like no other. We have the luxury SUV's to get you  and your family to your destination in style, comfortably, and without the headache of LA Traffic. Enjoy the ride, and experience the best of LA with Famous Limo Service. Limo Service LA


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